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Choose Popular Sump Pump Brands in the Market Today

Although the best sump pumps may appear to be similar on the outside, inside their metal housings sit a range of technologies and patents, which decide how efficiently the pump would do its work. Quite naturally, these technologies are the property of the manufacturers (barring a few exceptions) and hence, when applied in various combinations, make products of one company markedly different from those of another. While these differences don’t make any single brand supreme in all circumstances, they are nevertheless important for understanding the nature and utility of an individual pump in a particular condition. For your convenience, we have compiled a short list of the best sump pump brands available in the market today.

1. Superior:-

Superior Pump Run by a family with a plumbing background dating back to the 1880s, Superior Pump has been offering its products from Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1999. Being relative new entrants, their goal is to improve existing designs and while doing so, reduce the costs of the products concerned.


• Makes its motors and motor parts (unlike other companies which outsource such work) using patented technology.

• The motor housing is a single-piece metal object, which ensures that the chances of water seeping through joints in the metal being eliminated. The region where the motor housing meets the base of the pump is the area most prone to weakening. To avoid this, Superior as provided two sets of special seals in this sensitive region.

• Heavy duty jacketed steel shafts provided for better handling of heavy water flow and debris.

As the key sump pump features mentioned in our buying guide will show, copper is ideal for using in the generator unit, and so we find Superior using authentic copper windings in the motor.


Different grades of metal employed in various products, thereby making some more capable of handling heavy water and debris pressure than others, and thus confusing the customer. No handles included for easy transportation.

2. Wayne:

A veteran player in the water solutions and home improvement market, Wayne has dedicated research units that continually try to improve the sump pump designs. This innovation, coupled with feedback from users, has led it to feature regularly in honor rolls like “The Old House”, a home improvement magazine’s Top 100 products.


• All products made with durable cast iron for excellent durability.

• Good external defense complemented by excellent internal ceramic sealing to ensure internal parts are water-safe.

• Most products, even those with 1HP or higher power ratings, are highly compact and can coexist with other sump pumps in small sumps with ease.

• Makes use of top suction strainer technology for filtering debris, not found in other sump pumps.

• Excellent and durable switch designs for accurate turning on/off of the product.


Unlike Superior Pumps models, handles are present, but they are slight and interfere with other external components (while moving, not while working in the sump). Units using float switches tend to have large floats despite the overall sumps pumps being compact.

3. Zoeller:-

Part of a broad conglomerate of companies dealing with water solutions, Zoeller Pump Company is dedicated to quality, integrity, and teamwork. This has allowed the company’s products to rank among the top few sump pump brands in countries ranging from Brazil to China and Afghanistan to African nations.


• All products made with quality cast iron, with sheet iron being avoided completely.

• High-quality epoxy coating ensures that the products do not rust.

• Offers a neoprene ring for hermetic sealing of the motor at the junction of the housing and the base.

• Impellers are specially designed to allow small spherical or spheroid solids to pass through.

• Make use of 4-pole, 1500MHz or higher RPM motors, which, being well oiled and hermetically sealed, produce excellent pumping action and carry out the simple steps to clean a sump pump, even easier.


A Huge number of products and overlapping categories make for a confusing selection process for the uninitiated buyer. Some products have an average maximum head.

4. Liberty:-

Liberty Pump Operating out of a rural Upstate New York community since 1965, Liberty Pumps offers all the benefits of a compact, single plant manufacturing system – uniformity, centralized handling and rapid transition of research points into the design. Indeed, these have led Liberty Pumps to move into the Rochester Top 100 Companies and obtain the commendable ISO 9001 certification for their manufacturing plant and processes.


• Offers special quick disconnect power cable, making this one of the safest and easiest to operate for both veterans and those learning how to install a sump pump.

• Ideally designed discharges make removal of small solids and other debris easy.

• Hermetically sealed motor allows for longevity and efficiency.

• Use of particular polymer float and impeller make this product lighter and more efficient than older designs.

• Extensive use of Vertical Magnetic Float makes application to smaller sumps easier.


While the polymer float no doubt contributes to Liberty being one of the favorite sump pump brands, the polymer impeller has been considered inferior to metal ones. Heavy and not meant for rapid movement.


Some sump pump features – like cast iron housing – are relatively standard, while others like diaphragm switches and cold rolled steel occur in only one brand. Hence, it is important to shortlist features vital to one’s needs and then focus on the modern sump pump brands accordingly. Though it has not been possible to cover all the facets here, the points provided match the ones consulted most frequently, and as such should provide an excellent guide to your sump pump purchase decisions.

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